How to Hire Game-Changing Talent

Whether it’s an expert contractor who can save you months of work by knocking out a critical project or a long-term employee who loves to do the kind of work you dread each day, the right hire makes all the difference. Join us on a two-week journey and find your game changer. The interactive online course not only walks you through a process, it walks you through YOUR process.

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During the course, you will:
• Identify the tasks and challenges keeping you from achieving your goals
• Determine whether an employee or contractor can best remove those tasks from your plate.
• Develop and begin implementing an action plan for adding right talent to your team
• Gain valuable feedback from peers and coaches as you fine-tune your path to success

Experience the best of live and online training as you complete the course on your schedule while actively engaging with coaches and peers.

You’ll also learn:
• Why we hire the wrong candidates and how to avoid it
• How to get beneath the surface of “professional interviewees” and see the real person
• How to ask interview questions that tell you what you really need to know

The course kicks off with a live-webinar, followed by video lessons and assignments. Throughout the course, you’ll interact with other business leaders intent on building their best team. You’ll be given feedback and encouragement along the way As you identify your needs, create a plan for success and put the process to work for you.